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Fire in the sky

"А я нашёл песню, и с первых же слов понял, что именно и только она является гимном этого вот журнала. Смотрите все. Огромное спасибо лучшим в мире друзьям diablo_chan и snipe_fox за ссылку на клип. Кстати, сама песня лежит на официальной страничке проекта 'To Touch the Stars'. Там ещё много хорошего."

Kristoph Klover - Fire in the Sky

Prometheus, they say,
Bring god's fire down to men
And we've caught it, tamed it, trained it
Since our history began.

Now we're going back to Heaven
Just to look Him in His eyes.
There's a thunder 'cross the land
And a fire in the sky.

Gagarin was the first,
Back in nineteen sixty-one,
When like Icarus undaunted
He climbed to reach the sun.

And he knew he might not make it
For it's never hard to die.
But he lifted off the pad
And rode fire in the sky!

Yet a higher goal was calling,
And we voed to reach it soon.
So we gived ourselves a decade
To put fire on the Moon.

And 'Apollo' told the world
We can do it if we try.
There was one small step -
And the fire in the sky.

I dreamed last night
Of a little boy's first space flight
Burned into me
Watching a black-and-white TV

There was a fire in sky.
I'll remember until I die -
A fire in the sky.

Then, two decades from Gagarin,
Twenty years to the day
Came a shuttle named 'Columbia'
To open up the way.

And they said: "She's just a truck"
But she's a truck that's aiming high.
See her big jets burning.
See her fire in the sky!

Yet the gods do not give lightly
Off the powers they have made.
And with 'Challenger' and seven
Once again the price is paid.

Though a nation watched her falling,
Yet a world could only cry
As they passed from us to glory
Riding fire in the sky...

Now the rest is up to us.
And there's a future to be won
We must turn our faces outward.
We will do what must be done.

For no cradle lasts forever,
Every bird must learn to fly.
And we're going to the stars -
See our fire in the sky.

Yes, we're going to the stars.
See our fire in the sky!
I'll remember until I die -
A fire in the sky...
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